At FindCoinOnline we provide precious metal dealers of any size and business level a set of market tools to compete on equal terms, make deals with new customers and improve relationships with existing clients.
Using FindCoinOnline Reviews, you can increase your search engine rankings and attract first-time visitors so they become your loyal customers. As a member of our dealers community you will be receiving a Buying Requests from customers looking to buy certain products and will have a chance to provide them with your own offers.

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FindCoinOnline.com is a largest worldwide precious metal directory website. We work for both precious metal dealers and buyers, providing them tools to make best reliable deals to each other. We create an interface where dealers can effectively advertise their precious metal products and customers can save time and efforts on searching for collectible or investment items. We work as a search engine for buyers and as a selling platform for dealers.

No, we do not sell any of precious metal coins, bars, rounds or collectibles, we just provide our visitors with an information about products availability and prices and redirect them to the sellers' websites. Once a customer and dealer have connected, any purchase or sale transactions are effectuated directly between them, and the actual contract for sale is directly between the customer and dealer.

Every 60 seconds we receive spot prices from reliable sources, and every time we recalculate product prices considering premiums that were specified when listing products to our directory. This method enables us control product prices and always keep them up-to-date.

Yes, it is totally free to list your precious metal business on FindCoinOnline. Once your business profile is registered you can also start creating your product listings, as this is included to a free basic dealer account.

Listing products on FindCoinOnline is a FREE feature but requires to be registered as a dealer.

To list products you need to go through 3 easy steps:

  1. Sign In to your dealer's profile and navigate to "My Products" section using left hand side menu;

    TrustedPMDealers: My Products
  2. Press on "+New Product" button in top right corner of the page;TrustedPMDealers:NEwProduct
  3. Specify all details about your product and save the listing.


NOTE: You can automate listing products on FindCoinOnline by using the plugins or by implementing API on your web-site.

Posting deals can be done from free business account registered on FindCoinOnline. To post deals follow these steps:

  1. Sign In to your account;
  2. Navigate to "Deals" section on left menu:

  3. Press on "+ New Deal" button on top right:

  4. Specify details for your deal and publish.

FindCoinOnline has released plugins for two eCommerce platforms: Magento and WooCommerce. If your site is driven by one of these, please follow to the plugin page where you will find all information about how to install them and use.

We verify each registration request to make sure all provided information is valid. To register as a dealer you need to pass through few simple steps:

  1. Sign Up to create your dealer's account;
  2. Wait untill we verify your registration request (usually it doesn't take more than a couple of hours);
  3. Once your registration is approved you will get a notification by e-mail (check your spam folder in case e-mail gets there);
  4. Log In and manage your account information.


To invite people to leave reviews about your business, send them an Invitation link (find it in your business account, "Invitations" tab). Following this link, your customers will be taken to a page where they can leave a review just in a minute. Reviews instantly appear online, you will be notified about every new review by email.

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